‘brak’ – Tape on Soft Error available for pre-order

New tape out Nov 27 on Soft Error. Limited edition C16 and infinite download.

brak is a pair of timbral studies.
Sine tone oscillators, clicks, and cassette
field recordings stop and start;
drifting blocks of sound.

Recorded in London and Dungeness.

brak – Scots for break, as in broken waves ‘rolling towards the sea shore.’

‘aural documents #1’ – Reviewed in ATTN:Magazine

Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance. The hand of the composer is barely present, intervening at the behest of necessity rather than preference, instigating switches in polarity rather than nudges of increment. Vivid and irrefutable.

ATTN:Magazine. Read the full review here.


verz imprint #VI002 – aural documents #1

The second release on my new label/publishing project verz imprint is now released. aural documents #1: recordings of damaged audio equipment is a ‘sonic document’, made by me with the kind guidance of Jez Riley French. Playing with the idea of field recording and the limits of recording and playback technologies, this release features recordings of broken handheld recorders, and a broken stereo amplifier. Think Seth Cooke’s no-input field recorder or Jez Riley French’s Open Input works.

aural documents #1 is available for free download, or a CD-r that comes with a unique damaged photograph (edition of 10).

verz imprint

Verz Imprint is a project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The ‘label’ aims to release quiet music/image/text experiments and research, both in digital and home-made/short run physical editions. The first release is a rework of some ‘adapted field recordings’ by Marcel Gumms.
Next up is ‘aural documents #1’, the first in a series of sound documents, released in collaboration with Jez Riley French and his Engraved Glass label. And hopefully more good stuff soon!