list of works


Scores available from the British Music Collection
Selected recordings available from the British Library Sound Archive


sluimer – ambient found tape; cassette & DSP artifice

defekt fabrik. – foggy cassette experiments

probst i – sine tones, mixing board, found sound
featured on solo computer music

strooken – degrading tape loops

oRgel – noise wash

structuur strangled waveshapes

/souch/dron/hum/ – for vocal trio, AM radio, and objects
composed for Juice Vocal Ensemble

leaf. – data rendered to audio, scrambled

there will be no miracles here.sine tones, noise, found sound, objects
featured on solo computer music

soom STÓRAS – processed software synthesisers

1yin1 – sine tone oscillators, noise (max/msp)
multiple variations

th at ti me wh en – raspberry pi, pd, mixing board, video
multiple variations

this this – raspberry pi, pd, video, found photographs
multiple variations

elephants – fretless electric guitar, loop pedal, any fx
    composed for Rich Perks

dánbeag #5: aisla sings for false men – field recordings, noise, software synthesisers, gumms archive material

dánbeag# 7: tin tock tap – field recordings, noise, software synthesisers, gumms archive material

eriskay loveunitnoise, found sound, amplified circuitry

smll hnd / dctfl hnd – noise, field recordings, guitars, software synthesisers & FX, found sounds
dro, nimb #5
bld, frutbo
terms, Un

terms, Un – guitars, field recordings, found sound, software synthesisers & FX

nialas rud (nach é seo rud ar bith) – field recordings, found sound, photographs

dánbeag #3 – field recordings, noise, photographs

(vwv ) – bowed string instrument, samples
composed for Garth Knox (viola)

(          ) – noise, field recordings, photographs

14AB2 – guitars, spectral processing, photographs, found sound

verz: pieces for electric guitar – guitars, max/msp
verz 1 _ otspa
verz 2 _ ipp
verz 3_ rzo
verz 4 _ eppr
verz 5 _ akr
verz 6 _ flxes
verz 7 _ mnw
verz 8 _ sntg

bau – guitars, samples, software synthesisers, max/msp