“Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance … Vivid and irrefutable.” – ATTN:Magazine

“Wholly abstract and non-human noise … Maguire’s exceptionally modest set-up makes the average laptop with its weighty OS, software bloat, and hundreds of MP3 files look like the excesses of a Rick Wakeman multi-keyboard array.”
“Virtually impossible to second-guess what directions Maguire might wish to be taking us, yet while we’re here under this steel canopy it seems the most natural place on earth.”- The Sound Projector

“A popping, whirring, stuttering thing” – The Quietus

“Surging pulsations and electrical whistles coming on like Christian Fennesz getting heavy with a ZX Spectrum” – We Need No Swords

“The static of hard wired electricity navigating empty fields and lonely roadways; the longing of distant lovers across the world; the sine waves of incomplete thoughts feelings fighting each other over which shall prevail.”
“panning sine waves intertwine with cryptic found sound, but Maguire places a strong focus on silence, too. This is an excellent, restrained effort, both in terms of content and length, and a thoroughly remedying listen.” – Tiny Mix Tapes