CERENEM Journal #5

Flickers and flashes. Fizz, pop, whoosh, rrrrttthhhhh. In the corner of my mind’s eye. In the street, the train; on an old record, down a YouTube rabbit hole. Stop a while, listen. Consider the sound. Watch its movements, colours, textures. If it excites, take out the phone. Record a short excerpt. Forget until the urge to make a new thing arrives. Revisit. Stretch, mold, filter. Layer with more bottled sounds.

The latest issue of University of Huddersfield’s CeReNeM journal is out! It takes the form of a website, and I’ve written an article on how I use my synaesthesia to compose music and audio/visual work. It also features articles by postgraduate colleagues, including Pia Palme, Beavan Flanagan, Eleanor Cully, Daniel Portelli, Alex Grimes, David Pocknee, and Michael Baldwin.

You can read my article here, and click the menu on the left of the page to view the other contributions.

CeReNeM is University of Huddersfield’s Centre for Research in New Music.

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