I make sounds and take photographs.

I make reductive music with computers and recordings of things.
In the past, I’ve made pieces with field recordings and photographs.
Currently, I’m making pieces with sine tones, noise, and cheap computers.
Sometimes I write music for instruments.
The music I write investigates issues of identity and place via timbral qualities of sounds stumbled upon in day-to-day life: environment, software, internet.

I devise listening scenarios for individuals, and ensembles. These examine relationships to the place in which you find yourself. Sometimes the individual/ensemble is passive in these locations, and sometimes they contribute sounds and actions at odds with the situation.

I compose soundtracks for puppetry company Sort of Theatre. I play samplers in multimedia ensemble Galvanize, and latino-electronic band Arcadio.

I have won 0 prizes, appeared on 1 national broadcast, and performed at 2 major festivals.