Phil Maguire is a fiercely experimental electronic musician, improvisor and sound artist. He utilises sine tone oscillators, noise, found sound, and obsolete audio technology to create intimate, engrossing sonic environments. Embracing low-cost ethics, Phil’s primary instruments range from microcomputers and battered cassette recorders, to open-source software and plundered online audio. His main concerns are investigations of identity and place, via timbral qualities of sounds stumbled upon in day-to-day life: environment, software, internet.

In late 2016 Phil founded verz imprint, a multimedia project focussing on quiet music and sound art. The project consists of a netlabel, concert series (verznights), and radio show on experimental station ResonanceEXTRA (verzcast).

Phil performs extensively in the UK scene and internationally. Recent performances include Sonorities Festival, FIME (Sao Paulo), De Ruimte (NL), Electric Spring Festival (UK), and Union Chapel (UK). He performs solo, and in groups with musicians including Phil Durrant, James L. Malone, Eleanor Cully and Richard Sanderson.


“Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance … Vivid and irrefutable.” – ATTN:Magazine

“Wholly abstract and non-human noise … Maguire’s exceptionally modest set-up makes the average laptop with its weighty OS, software bloat, and hundreds of MP3 files look like the excesses of a Rick Wakeman multi-keyboard array.” – The Sound Projector

“A popping, whirring, stuttering thing” – The Quietus

“Surging pulsations and electrical whistles coming on like Christian Fennesz getting heavy with a ZX Spectrum” – We Need No Swords

“The static of hard wired electricity navigating empty fields and lonely roadways; the longing of distant lovers across the world; the sine waves of incomplete thoughts feelings fighting each other over which shall prevail.” – Tiny Mix Tapes