this this

“this this…is radical, alien and fascinating” – Richard Sanderson, Linear Obsessional Recordings

“a popping, whirring, stuttering thing” – The Quietus

this this is a multimedia composition project starting in 2014. It explores the composer’s (lack of) sense of personal identity. It was premiered in July 2015 at Festival Internacional de Música Experimental in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
this this aims to open dialogue on identity, memory, and place, between the composer, the audience, and the materials used. These materials include found photographs, obsolete projection methods, and a home-made noise & sine tone instrument (Raspberry Pi/Pure Data). The project will utilise live performances, album releases, collections of images for exhibition, and online video.

An album of this this/th at ti me wh en recordings is available on Linear Obsessional Recordings.