this this featured on towards the margins podcast

th at ti me wh en iii, from my new album this this, has been included on the excellent Towards the Margins podcast. There is some outstanding music in this episode. My piece is at 30:20, but the whole show is well worth a listen.

this this is available on limited edition CD and free download on Linear Obsessional Recordings

th at ti me wh en Sketches – variation VIII

Another sketch from th at ti me wh en – the spin-off project from this this. I’m really enjoying this project; really restricting myself in terms of materials, and the noisemakers on the Pi instrument interacting with the cheap pre-amps on my Behringer mixer make for some interesting noises. I’ve broken the rules I’ve set myself somewhat for this sketch, though. Rather than using only the noisemakers, I’ve thrown in some sine tones. I hesitated categorising this as a th at ti me wh en track, but then it’s definitely not a this this piece; not dry, pure, forensic enough. Not to mention the pitfalls of endless categories and sub-categories… th at ti me wh en is more introspective, molding, bending, stretching the ideas of identity/self/place that arise in this this.