verz imprint

Verz Imprint is a project that I’ve been thinking about for a while. The ‘label’ aims to release quiet music/image/text experiments and research, both in digital and home-made/short run physical editions. The first release is a rework of some ‘adapted field recordings’ by Marcel Gumms.
Next up is ‘aural documents #1’, the first in a series of sound documents, released in collaboration with Jez Riley French and his Engraved Glass label. And hopefully more good stuff soon!

husk_rust: out now

My 2nd LP, husk_rust: the adapted recordings of Marcel Gumms, vol. 1, is out now on my friend Colin Riley’s label, Squeaky Kate Music. For the rest of November, enter the discount code ‘squeaky’, when you buy, and get 75% off: 75p for husk_rust (complete with field notes and photographs from the Gumms Archive).

husk_rust – Release date confirmed

My new album, husk_rust: the adapted recordings of Marcel Gumms, vol. 1, will be released on Squeaky Kate Music on November 1st 2015. If you want to stream the album before its release, enter your email below to join my mailing list, and you’ll be sent a private Bandcamp link.