Buttons @ Suspense Festival

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It’s less than a week until myself and my friends from Sort of Theatre (Dana Segal, Joni-Rae Carrack) take our show Buttons to Little Angel Theatre’s Suspense Festival. We’re playing on 31st October at Tom Thumb in Margate (Kent), and 1st-2nd November at The Pleasance in Islington (London).
Get tickets here!

Buttons @ Suspense Festival – Tickets on Sale!

Tickets for Sort of Theatre’s Buttons at Suspense Festival (Little Angel Theatre) are on sale now! I’m performing a live, all-new soundtrack in the show.

We’re playing at Tom Thumb Theatre in Margate on October 31st, and The Pleasance in Islington November 1st & 2nd. Click here to get tickets!

Joni is a puppeteer.
Dana is not.

Dana is a Jew.
Joni is not.

Buttons is a show about their journey to Auschwitz and the stories they discovered on the way.

Using a mixture of live performance, spoken word, shadow puppetry and object manipulation Joni and Dana attempt to recount the story of their ‘sort of’ holiday, whilst exploring the themes of memory, family and war.

FIME – Sao Paulo, July 2015

Last week I got back from my first overseas show. I was invited to present my Raspberry Pi/Pure Data project, this this, at the first Festival Internacional de Música Experimental in Sao Paulo, Brazil, organised by Ibrasotope, a wonderful new music venue and organisation. They’re doing some really great things, and it was great to see FIME get such an appreciative audience.

Audio (and hopefully video) is coming soon! Here are some photos from my soundcheck, and explorations around Sao Paulo.



Sort of Theatre – ‘Buttons’ @ Suspense Festival

Share. Share it all. Share it honestly.

Sort of Theatre’s amazing show Buttons is returning to the stage at Little Angel Theatre’s Suspense Festival of puppetry this autumn. I’ll be joining Dana and Joni to perform a live reworking of the soundtrack. We’re playing shows in London and Margate.

I’m so incredibly proud to be part of this project, so come down 31st October – 2nd November and share some stories!

Visit the Suspense Festival website for more info. Tickets on sale 21st July.

Sort of Theatre website

GoFundMe – Help me get to Brazil!

This week I was invited to present my Raspberry Pi/Pure Data project, this this, at the first Festival Internacional de Música Experimental in Sao Paulo. The festival runs 21-31 July 2015. This will be my first performance outside of the UK, and my first at a major festival. Here’s what this this sounds like:

Unfortunately, whilst the organisers are being generous with an offer of some money to help with production costs, there’s a gap to be filled in order for me to get to Brazil. Because of the short notice, traditional funding routes aren’t open. So, I’ve started a GoFundMe page to help raise some money to pay for flights over to Sao Paulo.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page. There are rewards for certain donation amounts, but anything you can give will be a massive help!

Raspberry Pi – Prototype

I’ve been pining for a headless, non sample-based computer setup for a while now, and it’s about time I played around with a Raspberry Pi, so I’ve been building a simple noise and sine tone generator instrument. The sound generators have been built in Pure Data, and the patch is running on the Pi via Satellite CCRMA.

Satellite is designed to run audio applications headless (i.e. without a screen/monitor). I get tired of having a screen obstructing, both as a performer and audience member. When I’m performing and end up staring at a screen, I stop listening to what’s happening. The Pi runs the noise/sine patch headless, and I control it simply with a Korg NanoKontrol. I’m super excited about it; no screen distracting me from the sounds.

The patch contains four noise-makers; crackles, rumbles and rustles, and four sine tone oscillators; two high, two low. All of these run randomly, within a restricted range. The noise-makers filter white noise with variable-speed sawtooth waves, and simple hi-pass filters. The sine tone oscillators trigger a random frequency each time their respective fader on the NanoKontrol is set to 0. The frequencies are lockable, if I stumble on something interesting, and each oscillator has a ring modulator, to add beatings to the overall texture. Here, I’m trying to continue from removing the screen – giving myself limited options, forcing me to listen, and hopefully make more interesting music. And it’s super-portable, which is a nice bonus.

I’m planning on using the instrument both solo and in groups, and I’m recording an EP hopefully for release soon.

Here’s some test solo recordings: