Summer 2018 Live Dates

monthly 2 - left unsaid

16/06/18 – Hundred Years Gallery, London
presenting new work with Anne La Berge, for flute, electronics, synthesisers, found texts
special guest: Steph Horak
16/06/18 – L A D I G 06: i’m sitting in a room. Naples, Italy
fixed media presentation of ‘Fower / Fowk’

29/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Hundred Years Gallery, London
solo. Duo by sonic luz (Klaus Filip/Noid)
30/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Northern Quarter, Huddersfield
02/07/18 – ame x verz tour – Newcastle (venue TBC)

18/07/18 – Iklectik, London
solo. With David Velez and Kate Carr (Flaming Pines album launch)
29/07/18 – Ambient State – Ort Café, Birmingham

09/08/18 – Setpiece, SET Space, London
duo with John Macedo

New releases – Fower / Fowk \\ Monosphere

New releases now available:


Fower / Fowk Dinzu Artefacts (DNZ24)
Tapes sold out at source. Download available now on my Bandcamp, and a very limited number of tapes available soon.

Studies exploring the limits of tape machines. Recordings of low frequencies and noise repeatedly overdubbed to create thick, grainy textures. Found voice samples appear as ghostly commentators.


MonosphereTVEI (tvei28)
All tapes sold out. Second run available soon. Download available on TVEI Bandcamp, as well as my page.

Monosphere comprises two iterations of monophonic, autonomous computer music. Performed with a custom Max patch, the pieces explore inhuman and unpredictable dynamics, gradually rendered with extreme quietness. Drones, sine wave clusters, gentle noise.

Review – Irregular Crates