Episode 127

Hear ‘structuur’ on NTS tonight

Fractal Meat

Episode broadcasts 1am to 3am (BST) on Tuesday 24th April 2017. Tune in at NTS.live.
Archived show available soon after, here.


Karl M V Waugh – dusk
People Like Us – Nothing
Chlorine – Bank Holiday
Masayuki Imanishi – clips side B
James Wyness – wave
Skyhighdiamonds – Searchlight
Ian Watson – Panamix
Tereshkova – Mint
RAW SILVER – Thanatos
Sophie Cooper – EVP Jams In Kitchen
Sophie Cooper & Delphine Dora – Killeagh
Shereen Elizabeth – Body
Golden Oriole – The Approaching Of The Disco Void
Dale Cornish and Phil Julian – 6.2.17
Phil Maguire – structuur
Robert Ridley-Shackleton – The Deighty Of Pearls
Yol – of course all the sirens
butrinith – ( des religieuses marchent dans la rue )
VCOADSR – Serious lies
Ewa Justka – Horny 4

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‘aural documents #1’ – Reviewed in ATTN:Magazine

Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance. The hand of the composer is barely present, intervening at the behest of necessity rather than preference, instigating switches in polarity rather than nudges of increment. Vivid and irrefutable.

ATTN:Magazine. Read the full review here.