16/06/18 – Hundred Years Gallery, London
presenting new work with Anne La Berge, for flute, electronics, synthesisers, found texts
special guest: Steph Horak
16/06/18 – L A D I G 06: i’m sitting in a room. Naples, Italy
fixed media presentation of ‘Fower / Fowk’

29/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Hundred Years Gallery, London
solo. Duo by sonic luz (Klaus Filip/Noid)
30/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Northern Quarter, Huddersfield
02/07/18 – ame x verz tour – Newcastle (TBC)

07/07/18 – Juice Vocal Ensemble performing souch/dron/hum (2016)
St. Saviourgate Unitarian Chapel, York

18/07/18 – Iklectik, London
solo. With David Velez and Kate Carr (Flaming Pines album launch)

09/08/18 – Setpiece, SET Space, London
duo with John Macedo

Past events in 2018:
20/01/18 – 
Hundred Years Gallery, Hoxton
trio with James L. Malone and Joe Wright, solo from David O’Connor, duo from Tom Wheatley and Billy Steiger

22/02/18 – SETpiece – SET Dalston, London
25/02/18 –
Splitting the Atom XLI – The Green Door Store, Brighton
Duo with Phil Durrant

POSTPONED: 02/03/18 – ame x verz – Hundred Years Gallery, London
Duo with Ryoko Akama. Duo by sonic luz (Klaus Filip/Noid)
POSTPONED: 03/03/18 – ame x verz – Coffee Evolution, Huddersfield
Modular synthesiser solo. Duo by sonic luz (Klaus Filip/Noid)
13/03/18 – The Horse Improv Club – iklectik, London
Duo with James L. Malone
29/03/18 – Sound Room LXXVI – Third Space, Helsinki, Finland
31/03/18 – Kaukana Väijyy Ambient – Ravintola 931, Tampere, Finland

05/04/18 – SETpiece – SET Dalston, London

28/04/18 – Without Appeal @ Sluice Project Space, London
open studio & live sound installation. with Far Rainbow and Without Appeal