selected performances & installations (solo unless stated)

Splendor, Amsterdam – verz/Moving Furniture Records
duo with Anne La Berge. Launch of ‘Two Cities’
Galvanize Ensemble & Fretwork – City University, London


Jurg Frey one-day residency – Cafe Oto London (distant colours & circular music no. 6)
Galvanize Ensemble & Fretwork – Happenstance at Lit and Phil, Newcastle
Paviljoen Ongehoorde Muziek – Eindhoven, Netherlands (with Anne La Berge)
Capillary Tissues – APT Gallery, London (with Mark Lyken, Charlotte Law, Lia Mazzari, David Bloor, and wearable sculptures by Victoria Rance)

verz/tvei collaborative concerts – Helsinki/Tampere, Finland
ame x verz tour – London/Huddersfield/Newcastle (with Ryoko Akama and Sonic Luz)
APT Gallery – London (Monosphere installation)
Dronica Festival – London

LIMBO Art Space – Margate
verznights (curator/performer) – London
Electric Spring Festival – Huddersfield

sonADA Festival – Aberdeen
Sonorities Festival – Belfast
Lightworks Festival – Grimsby
BBC Radio 3 Hear and Now – London
Shackle Affair – Amsterdam, Netherlands (with Shackle)
Union Chapel – London (Arcadio)

Strange Umbrellas #10 – London
Happenstance – Liverpool (Galvanize Ensemble)
Suspense Festival – London // Margate (Sort of Theatre)
Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental – Sao Paulo, Brazil
Happenstance – London (Galvanize Ensemble)
2014 Happenstance – Gillingham/Halifax
FIRSTS Festival – London (Sort of Theatre)
Electric Spring Festival – Huddersfield


two cities – improvised synthesisers, flutes, and electronics (with Anne La Berge, verz)
ruimte – synthesiser, max/msp (with Bill Thompson, moog guitar), verz
zeemijl – serge synthesiser

mode – synthesised ultra-minimalism. doepfer and serge synthesisers
wilt – synthesis loops degraded via cassette tapes
three cities –  improvised synthesisers, flutes, and electronics (with Anne La Berge, verz)

folamnh, endless – cassette tapes, computer, field recordings (Hemisphäreの空虚)
words they cannot speak – synthesiser improvisations (series)
[bitdrip] – recordings of real and artificial rain (Impulsive Habitat)
Fower / Fowk – cassette tape manipulations of found audio (Dinzu Artefacts)
39’10” – 23.02.18 – modular synthesiser
Working Title – improvised electronics and guitar (with James L Malone, Confront Recordings)

bothy ballads – text situations both absurd and mundane

brak – computer tones, cassette field recordings
ferric – alto flute/baritone saxophone/computer/drums – Ensemble Entropy & Mark Sanders
empty damage – studies for empty cassettes, tape recorders, and contact microphones
sluimer – found tape ambience, DSP artifice
monosphere – chance-operated lowercase sine waves and noise (multiple variations)
defekt fabrik. – cassette recorder studies
strooken – degrading cassette loops
oRgel – noise wash
probst i – computer and found sound improvisation

structuur – strangled waveshapes
aural documents #1 – recordings of damaged audio equipment
/souch/dron/hum/ – for vocal trio, AM radio, and objects – Juice Vocal Ensemble
pieces for blank cassette – text situations utilising blank cassette tapes
there will be no miracles here. – sine tones, noise, found sound, objects – premiered on BBC Radio 3
husk_rust – works made using source material by outsider artist Marcel Gumms

this this – sine waves, noise, and found photograph performances
elephants – solo fretless electric guitar and FX

(vwv →) – string instrument and samples – Garth Knox
danbeag (series) – field recordings, noise, software synthesisers
eriskay loveunit – noise, found sound, amplified circuitry

.haul / S – fixed media installation suite
verz: pieces for electric guitar – noise improvisations

collaborative projects
2019 Wireless Operator – Soundtrack for theatre show by Max Kinnings & Bob Baldwin
2018- Maguire/La Berge – electroacoustic improvisation with Anne La Berge
2016- Free improvised electronics – solos/duos/trios
2015 Claire Orme & Phil Maguire – Multimedia artworks with artist Claire Orme
2013- Galvanize Ensemble – Happenstance. Supported by Arts Council England & RVW Trust
2013-5 Sort of Theatre Company – Soundtrack for ‘Buttons’. Presented at FIRSTS and Suspense Festivals

2019 Elektronmusikstudion, Stockholm, Sweden
Guest composer
2014 Galvanize Ensemble – Dean Clough, Halifax. Development of life and death is wearing me out by Angie Atmadjaja
Galvanize Ensemble – LV21, Gillingham. Workshop and performance with students from University of Kent SMFA


three cities – cassette, verz (with Anne La Berge)

folamnh, endless – cassette, Hemisphäreの空虚
words they cannot speak – digital, self-release (series)
[bitdrip] – digital, Impulsive Habitat
Fower / Fowk – cassette, Dinzu Artefacts
39’10” – 23.02.18 – digital, self-release
Working Title – CD, Confront Recordings (with James L Malone)

brak – cassette, Soft Error
empty damage – cassette, falt
sluimer – digital, self-release
defekt fabrik. – cassette, self-release
oRgel – digital, self-release
strooken – digital, self-release
solo computer music – cassette, verz

structuur – digital, self-release
aural documents #1 – CDr, verz
husk_rust: adapted recordings – digital, verz
this this – CD, Linear Obsessional

th at ti me wh en – digital, self-release

soom STORAS – digital, self-release
smll hnd / dctfl hnd – cassette, drone warfare tapes

verz: pieces for electric guitar – digital, self-release

education & research
2013-4 University of Huddersfield
MA (Research): Synaesthesia and association in audio/visual composition.
Condensed version published in CeReNeM Journal #5

2009-12 Brunel University
BMus (Hons) Music
1st Class. Griffin Prize for Music, School of Arts University Prize


“Everything about aural documents #1 is clean and exact; a precise negotiation of noise, time, space and silence, architecturally arranged into a structure of symmetry, right angles and impeccable counterbalance … Vivid and irrefutable.”

“Wholly abstract and non-human noise … Maguire’s exceptionally modest set-up makes the average laptop with its weighty OS, software bloat, and hundreds of MP3 files look like the excesses of a Rick Wakeman multi-keyboard array.”
“Virtually impossible to second-guess what directions Maguire might wish to be taking us, yet while we’re here under this steel canopy it seems the most natural place on earth.”
The Sound Projector

“A popping, whirring, stuttering thing”
The Quietus

“Surging pulsations and electrical whistles coming on like Christian Fennesz getting heavy with a ZX Spectrum”
“A flute and electronics duo may prompt expectations of pastoral tranquillity, but this pair keep things chilly and unsettling from the start…La Berge’s flute becomes a vessel for dense, metallic outbursts, while Maguire’s electronics twitch and spit with grumpy fervour. Taciturn zingers, every one.” (duo with Anne La Berge)
We Need No Swords

“The atmosphere turns from relatively ethereal to discreetly ominous; think Eliane Radigue and Thomas Lehn perking up the ears to uncanny murmurs in a pre-earthquake setting.” (duo with Anne La Berge
Touching Extremes

“The static of hard wired electricity navigating empty fields and lonely roadways; the longing of distant lovers across the world; the sine waves of incomplete thoughts feelings fighting each other over which shall prevail.”
Tiny Mix Tapes