Summer 2018 Live Dates

monthly 2 - left unsaid

16/06/18 – Hundred Years Gallery, London
presenting new work with Anne La Berge, for flute, electronics, synthesisers, found texts
special guest: Steph Horak
16/06/18 – L A D I G 06: i’m sitting in a room. Naples, Italy
fixed media presentation of ‘Fower / Fowk’

29/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Hundred Years Gallery, London
solo. Duo by sonic luz (Klaus Filip/Noid)
30/06/18 – ame x verz tour – Northern Quarter, Huddersfield
02/07/18 – ame x verz tour – Newcastle (venue TBC)

18/07/18 – Iklectik, London
solo. With David Velez and Kate Carr (Flaming Pines album launch)
29/07/18 – Ambient State – Ort Café, Birmingham

09/08/18 – Setpiece, SET Space, London
duo with John Macedo

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